Give your child the gift of future health

Storing your newborn’s stem cells may serve as your most important healthcare decision you ever make on their behalf. 

What if we told you that people are banking their newborn’s stem cells to ensure they have access to their youngest, most robust personal stem cells as clinical trials continue to develop and treat numerous conditions such as neurological disorders, injuries, diabetes, arthritis, strokes, and more…

Newborn stem cell banking is the process of isolating mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord blood, tissue or Wharton’s jelly. These cells are ideal, as they are as young as your stem cells will ever be. If you can capture them at birth, then you should be able to save and use them for generations into the future and avoid future operations to harvest bone marrow or adipose tissue.

Why your newborn deserves an opportunity to have their young, healthy cells banked at birth:

Doctors and scientists are currently working on over 100 clinical applications for stem cell therapy

Current studies range from blood cancers and tumors, neurologic disorders/injuries, diabetes, wound care, and more (Dessels et al. 2018)

Studies are harnessing stem cells’ natural and inherent ability to replicate and differentiate into functional tissue, and modulate the immune system, providing progress in the treatment of conditions

Having access to your own personal stem cells provides a natural alternative to drugs and pharmaceuticals, the best bio-insurance we know of today

Stem cells derived from cord blood and cord tissue are some of the youngest and most easily accessible stem cells available to any human

Studies and lab results routinely show that cells with longer telomeres (younger cells, like those from your cord blood and cord tissue) are more robust and consistently outperform those with shorter telomeres (older cells) (Burrow et al. 2017)

Storing newborn’s stem cells ensure the longest telomeres, the protective endcaps on the DNA that tell the age of the cell, which only gets shorter over time, leading to common age-related diseases

Preparing for stem cell therapy in the future is now

With over 7,900 clinical trials and studies underway ranging from blood cancers to tumors, having access to personal stem cells could act as bio-insurance as medical breakthroughs are rapidly accomplished in stem cells therapies

Typically, children’s banked cord blood and cord tissue samples are reserved for one-time treatments mainly for siblings in the family that might have a genetically inherited disorder such as Sickle Cell Disease

American Cell Technology ensures your child will have ample access to their own personal stem cell far beyond one-time treatments and for multiple uses

The ACT Difference

Stem cells have a promising medical future with over 7,900 ongoing clinical trials underway which makes the decision to save your baby’s cells critical. The stem cells that come from your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue are the youngest personal (autologous) stem cells available to anyone. American Cell Technology has reinvented the way cord blood and cord tissue derived stem cells are stored.

newborn stem cells

ACT isolates all stem cells from any red blood cells (RBCs)

  • American Cell Technology sees that all RBCs are removed from your baby’s stem cell sample before they’re frozen, resulting in optimal conditions for long term viability
  • RBCs can be cytotoxic to stem cells cryogenically preserved over long periods of time and can lead to a reduction of total live stem cells available for future use
  • Typical competitors cryopreserve stem cells with RBCs as these facilities have procedures to reduce, but not fully eliminate the number of RBCs

ACT expands and grows newborns stem cells, to maximize stem cells available for potential future use

  • American Cell Technology treats your child’s stem cells the same as thousands of its adult clients: ensuring your child will have ample access to hundreds of millions of their own personal stem cells far beyond their childhood, making storing your newborn’s stem cells a lifelong decision
  • Multiple clinical studies have shown that the number of cells natively available in cord blood collection are too few to be used in children weighing more than 40kg or 88lbs (Gluckman et al. 2001, Benito et al. 2004, Harris et al. 1994).
  • Typical competitors save only the stem cells available from collection and do not culture expand to increase the number of stem cells available

The Process

Stem cell banking services
  • 1

    Sign up online with American Cell Technology

    Once the forms are completed, you will receive your cord blood collection kit. Please keep it safe, out of direct sunlight and do not refrigerate the collection kit.

  • 2

    Inform your OBGYN midwife or medical professional that you’re using ACT for cord blood and cord tissue banking

    The cord blood and cord tissue extraction for stem cell banking is simple and well known by all medical professionals.

  • 3

    Infectious Disease Screening

    Prior to the birth of your baby, ACT requires all mothers to undergo infectious disease screening. No infectious disease will prevent ACT from accepting your baby’s sample. However, as medical treatments advance, ACT expects several “uncurable” diseases like HIV to become curable. Should this happen, your infectious disease screening will help ACT protect your baby in the long run.

  • 4

    Day of Birth

    Make sure to bring your collection kit with you on the big day and give it to your doctor or nurse. They know the process and will perform the cord blood and tissue collection for you, which will be overnighted to ACT in FDA approved travel media.

  • 5

    Call Medical Courier to pickup sample

    Please use the telephone number provided to contact the pre-paid 24-hour medical courier that will ship your newborn’s sample to the ACT facility for processing. No need to worry about payment as this courier service is included in the collection process.

  • 6

    Leave it to ACT

    Upon receiving your stem cells, ACT will send you updates, a banking certificate with your baby’s unique identifier, and pictures of your cells along the way.

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