Adult Stem Cell Banking​

American Cell Technology stores your own personal mesenchymal stem cells, which can be derived from adipose or bone marrow samples. Once your stem cells are isolated, ACT can culture expand your stem cells and cryopreserve them in liquid nitrogen tanks, safely preserving your stem cells for years to come.

United States Stem cell banking

The Process

1. Physician Consultation

Client meets with Physician to learn about the process of harvesting either adipose tissue or bone marrow and sending cells to American Cell Technology

2. Tissue Harvesting

The extraction process is easy and largely done under local anesthesia, meaning the client will be wide awake and won’t feel anything. Harvest is expected to take between 15 and 45 minutes, but always consult with the physician.

3. Sample Shipment

The physician will do this for the client. The sample will be overnighted to the ACT facility in a specially designed, FDA approved travel media. The physician will also send in specific blood work required of the client to safely store their cells at American Cell Technology. The client will be asked to get this done prior to the procedure.

4. Cryogenically Frozen

Once American Cell Technology receives the cells, they are only handled by our trained technicians in our cGTP cleanroom, after which they will be stored frozen in liquid nitrogen at -190 degrees centigrade.